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Club Nights change

As of Tuesday 12th September 2017 Slarc will meet on a Tuesday

Christmas Rally

Our Christmas Rally will be held on Saturday 1st December Doors open at 9. Why not come down and visit us

Whats Going On

We run at least 2 special event stations a year and 2 rallies a year. Our next special event station is the first weekend of May and our next Rally is the Christmas rally held on Saturday December 2nd


As with all hobbies amateur radio will only continue to thrive and grow with new blood taking things in new directions. To get new blood requires introducing new people to the hobby. We are therefore proud of our training history and in recent years we have run several foundation, intermediate courses and advanced courses with a very high pass rate.


South Lancashire Amateur Radio Club is a friendly and rapidly growing radio club. We meet every Wednesday evening at Bickershaw Labour Club 7.30pm - 10.00pm. Our aim is to support, educate, encourage and nurture your interest in Amateur Radio. We run a full programme of courses from Foundation level through Intermediate to Full Licence taught by fully qualified tutors. Our education programme includes visiting lectures on many aspects of radio including: Satellites, Valves, Digi Modes, Echo link and Antennas.

Its not all work and no play! During club nights there is also the opportunity to use the clubs call sign and radio equipment; giving you the chance to get on the airwaves and make contacts throughout the world! Or you can just sit, chat and relax with a drink with like minded friendly people. At South Lancashire Amateur Radio Club we pride ourselves in being a family friendly club and run many events for the whole family to take part. Which include summer BBQ’s, Hot Pot Suppers and Quiz Nights.


To grow as a club we need new members. This is where you come in. If you are interested in how things work there is a whole world of exploration out there all starting with a foundation licence. You are welcome to drop in and find out more.


Our next club rally will be held at Bickershaw Village club on 1st December. Spaces are limited so book early. To book your table please call 01942 735828.


We all have different interests with something in common. Some like to make voice contacts from all over the world. Others like designing and building their own transcievers and antennas. There is still others interested in working low power or even digital modes like slow scan tv and PSK

All are welcomed at SLARC as we are a diverse club that are looking to grow and expand our repertoire of abilities and skills which we are all constantly learning. Even if you arent yet a licenced radio operator we can offer the training to take you from unlicenced all the way to a full licencee

By being true to the club we are able to help it grow and become better and more diverse than ever


Anthony Foster (2E0FBK)

Our Chairman

Dave Horner (M0TEG)

Dave is our club treasurer

Jason Bridson (G0IZR)

Jason is the clubs secretary

Gareth Edwards (M0NVH)

Our webmaster and the creator of this website

Neal Sims (2E0JNS)

Our Facebook Officer

Rina Horner (2E0RIN)

Rina our exams secretary

Roy Singleton (G7OXP)

Our Vice President


You could be part of our team.

We Are Always Looking For New Members!

Whether young or old, new to radio or seasoned radio ham we are always looking for new memebers to join our club and expand horizons.


As a club we offer training courses to go from unlicenced all the way up to a full licencee. We have a very high pass rate for all exams. This can be used for your Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE awards, Scouts radio communicators badge and could also go towards your radio operators course for the cadets. This can be a good confidence builder as courses can be tailored to suit your personal needs and abilities


Photos taken at our past events. You never know you may appear in here if you attend one of our events. ALL IMAGES COPYRIGHT SLARC

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We are currently looking at replacing our tired 20yr old caravan. This will allow us to include the wider community in our activities on the air including ROTA (Railways On The Air) and Museums On The Air (in conjunction with Bolton Wireless Club )


Jason Bridson

Published Feb 12.

Family Club

Having been a member for over 6 years I enjoy taking part in the field days and our regular club rallies. I would like to state that over my time as a member I have made some good friends and had fun along the way. I have been lucky enough to go from a foundation holder through intermediate to advanced licence holder.

I am now priveleged enough to be club secretary and am an active member taking part in the club summer barbecue’s and Christmas party's where all my family like to attend as they are always welcome

Mike Lunt

Published Feb 13

Coming Back

Just to let you know, I was returning to the hobby after a forty year break. With overseas postings, birth of children, leaving the forces settling into civilian life, house buying (several times) and finally retirement. taking most of my time.I tried four radio clubs in the area for several months and finally returned to SLARC.

It is friendly, not obsessed with contests, nor is it a “one man band” and most of all a wide age range and plenty of chat time for those of us who like it, whilst leaving plenty of opportunity to explain your favourite aspect of the hobby to other members.

Neal Sims

Published Feb 19.

Friends you're looking for

I'm a current active member of the club, I've been a member for several years and find there's lot's of interesting things that take place, not everything is just radio that is discussed at the club, we have members with interests in different subjects from other areas. The club has members of all ages from teens right through to pensioners including people with varying disabilities and ailments & everyone is made very welcome. If you've taken the time to read the website blog, then you may have interests in what this club does, so why not pop down and have a look. You may find this is the hobby you have missing in your life. We are a family friendly group so why miss out when we could well be the friends you've been looking for.

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Michele Lampa

Published Aug 28.

A Beautiful Story

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In the create phase, the big idea is unleashed to the world through different media touchpoints. This is when we watch the audience fall in love all over again with our client’s brand.

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